The Ghost of Samantha
The Ghost of Samantha

Ghost of Samantha Headlining at Women’s Cycle Tour Stage 4 Finish

10 Apr 2014

The Women’s Cycle Tour Stage 4 Finish will take place in Welwyn Garden City Town Centre on 10 May 2014.

The Ghost of Samantha is the headline act where the cycle team finish stage 4 of cycling at the WGC stage.

The event will be high profile and covered by National Press, Sky Sports and ITV4.

The Women's Tour 2014

Throughout the course of the day, there are lots of planned activities going on in the town centre.  There will be a central radio stage hosted by BOB fm (sponsored by Tesco) where local artists have been invited to come along and perform.  Depending on the weather that day, it is predicted that the event could attract between 5 – 10K spectators.

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