The Ghost of Samantha
The Ghost of Samantha

Who is The Ghost of Samantha?

Samantha Grint, or The Ghost of Samantha is a young, up and coming British singer/songwriter.  The Ghost of Samantha is the name of Samantha’s on-stage persona: a ghost with a fun, spooky way of performing as a slightly different version of herself.

The story…

Samantha has always loved music and performing, and from the early age of 7 was often putting on performances for family and The Ghost of Samanthafriends. However, it was not until the age of 11 that she really seriously started being involved in playing piano/keyboards. It began with an initial couple of piano lessons that didn’t really work out , so Samantha embarked on her own way of self teaching herself to play. She taught herself her favorite songs and then realised her ability to start writing and composing her own songs. By the age of 12/13, she had a couple of songs under her belt and was starting to learn more and more ambitious songs, gradually enhancing not only the number of songs she could play, but also her ability in playing and composing.

Samantha started to play at school music shows in front of parents and schoolmates which gradually built her confidence, style and ability. She was then playing in front of bigger audiences, winning school talent shows and playing at small private parties. Shortly after, she recorded her first demos (‘Back Seat’ and ‘Nancy’) in 2008/9 in a north London studio.

Recently, Samantha beat 200 other hopefuls to win the Hertfordshire 3 Music competition and was given the opportunity to professionally record a track. ‘Un-Ordinary‘ is now available for purchase on iTunes.

Since then, Samantha has performed at numerous charity events, performed at the Luton Town and Welwyn Garden City Christmas Lights show with Heart FM and has also performed on air at Hertfordshire’s Jack FM Breakfast Show.

The future…

Samantha is currently recording new material and will be spending time over the next months promoting her music. She is looking forward to playing more live shows in support of her new material. She has her brother Rupert’s full support and he often helps her at live events, but also at home is very supportive when she plays and writes.

She’s looking forward to playing for, and meeting many more Little Ghosts very soon!